Kinder and School-Age Summer 2012

Nursery School


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The School-Age Group is 6 years to 12 years old
The child to adult ratio is 1:15

Child's Paradise Day Care Centre has received approval to be a 'Bus Stop' for the Schools in the Town of Renfrew. As such, parents of children attending the schools within this zone (St. Thomas and Queen Elizabeth) can request pick-up and drop-off at this location. Parents of children attending other schools within the Town may request an exception or a cross boundary transfer in order to have access to busing to/from their school of choice.

The School-Age Program is designed to be a safe and caring environment where children can feel secure in being themselves. They have the opportunity to make friendships without the worries of bullying. The main focus of this Program is on social skills, while enhancing their emotional, language, cognitive, and physical abilities. This is the time for the school-age child to be able to relax and play with friends, and complete their homework. The full-day school-age program is full of science and creative experiments, arts and crafts, water fun, field trips and walks, and special visitors to the Centre.

There is a sense of belonging that is critical to the School-Age Program, as their world starts to extend past their family and into the community, school and day care.


  • To provide an easy transition from the ‘learning to read’ to the ‘reading to learn’ phases.
  • To develop a sense of belonging with the school, day care and neighbourhood.
  • To develop stable and nurturing relationships with peers.
  • To provide opportunities to develop competencies while defining their identities.
  • To provide summer learning opportunities to enhance the child’s future academic success .
  • To provide opportunities for recreational and sports-minded activities.
  • To provide a space where children can relax and have quiet enjoyment of their preference.
Renfrew County Joint Transportation Consortium
In this section, find everything you are looking for about the school buses operating in Renfrew Country, including calendars, transportation statuses and boundary maps.