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At the park
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The Preschool Group is 2 ½ years to 5 years old
The child to adult ratio is 1:8

Everywhere you look there is something going on in the Preschool Room. Preschoolers are full of wonder and curiosity and are learning all the time. As the Preschool child gains the vocabulary and communication skills, they also build strong friendships and bonds with their peers and the adults around them.

The Preschool Room has a variety of practical daily learning areas, such as the housekeeping area, cognitive and tabletop toy areas, creative and sensory areas, gross motor play and block areas, as well as the ‘homey’ quiet area full of books for solitary enjoyment. The developmental focus is on self-esteem while building on their acquired emotional, social, physical and cognitive skills.


  • To encourage self confidence and self esteem.
  • To encourage a positive view of the learning experience.
  • To develop social skills and an awareness of the needs and desires of others.
  • To give the child the opportunities to interact with age-related peers.
  • To encourage communication skills and language development.
  • To stimulate creative thinking and artistic abilities.
  • To ensure each child feels like a valued member of our Program.
  • To ensure each child feels content and secure.
  • To encourage each child.
  • To stimulate child’s thinking by asking open-ended questions.
  • To encourage independence and responsibility.
  • To promote conflict resolution skills.
  • To encourage a love of learning while gradually increasing child’s attention spans.