School-Age Summer 2011

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Nursery School


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The Kindergarten Group is 5 years to 6 years old
The child to adult ratio is 1:13

Child's Paradise Day Care Centre has received approval to be a 'Bus Stop' for the Schools in the Town of Renfrew. As such, parents of children attending the schools within the Town limits (St. Thomas, Our Lady of Fatima, Queen Elizabeth and Central Public) can request pick-up and drop-off at this location. 

The emphasis of the Kindergarten Program is on school readiness, while gaining the necessary skills in all areas of development: social, emotional, cognitive, language, and physical.

The staff uses a variety of means to prepare children for school, including consistent routines and transitions, as well as materials for children to develop cognitive and language abilities and experiences to grow in their social and emotional skills.

There are practical play areas in the Kindergarten Room, including the housekeeping area, quiet book area, block and construction play area, and art creative areas. The children are learning how to blend everyday learning into fun activities and events.


  • To encourage a love of learning.
  • To encourage print readiness.
  • To encourage social conflict resolution skills and an awareness of others.
  • To feel safe and secure.
  • To encourage independence and self-help skills.
  • To provide opportunities for children to gain self expression.
  • To encourage self learning and respond appropriately to ‘teachable’ moments.
  • To learn respect for themselves, others, and their environment.
  • To provide opportunities for each child to reach their own potential.
Renfrew County Joint Transportation Consortium
In this section, find everything you are looking for about the school buses operating in Renfrew Country, including calendars, transportation statuses and boundary maps.