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Decorating cupcakes
Inclusion of Children with Special Needs
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Inclusion of Children with Special Needs

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Inclusion Policy

 At Child’s Paradise Day Care Centre we believe that children have the right to attend the childcare centre of their choice and the parents are integral to a successful integration process into childcare. We will make every attempt possible to be responsive to the needs of the children and families within our community. Like all children, children with special needs are welcomed into our Programs and we feel that including children of varying needs and abilities enhances the entire childcare experience for all children, parents and caregivers. Children learn the uniqueness and individuality of people and learn to understand and accept that others. Our staff are dedicated to being collaborative and flexible in their approach to caring for and supporting all children to develop to their maximum potential. We believe in forming partnerships with families and outside service providers to find ways to include and meet the developmental needs of all children and remove barriers that prevent children from actively participating in our Programs.

County of Renfrew Integration Services Parent Handbook
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Children with special needs require child care for the same reasons as all children: ·         to grow, develop and...