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Busy snow play Feb 2010
Busy snow play Feb 2010
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Health Policy

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The Child Care and Early Years Act recommends that prior to a child starting in a Day Nursery should have a complete medical and up-to-date immunizations.. The parent must fill out the medical and immunization forms from the Parent Package and affix signatures where applicable. Please go over the Illness Section very carefully. Because children get sick without warning, parents are well advised to have a back-up child care plan in place. For everyone’s well-being, ill children cannot be admitted to the Centre/we have the right to refuse to take a sick child into care and to determine when a child is too ill to remain in care. Prompt treatment of any illness will facilitate the child’s early return to health and to the Centre, and will minimize the possibility of cross infection for the other children. In order to ensure the overall health and safety of all the children, we ask that you not bring your child to the Centre if he/she has: •An elevated temperature of over 100.3 °F/39 °C or greater. •Vomited within 24-hour period. •Diarrhea (2 consecutive loose bowels) within 24 hours. •Eyes/ears that have any kind of discharge. •Visible rashes that have not been diagnosed by a physician. •A severe cough, runny nose and/or congestion. •Any untreated communicable disease including: Impetigo, Coxsackie Virus, Fifth Disease, German Measles, Hepatitis A or B, Meningitis, measles, mumps, Pertussis (Whooping cough), ringworm, Scabies, Scarlet fever, strep throat, Tuberculosis, Bronchitis or pneumonia. Should your child develop a temperature of 100.3 °F or higher during the day, the staff will contact you immediately. Your child must be symptom-free for 24 hours before returning to the Centre. Child Illness Policy •Diarrhea (2 loose bowel movements) - Exclude until child has normal bowel movements for at least 24 hours. •Throat infection/ Middle Ear infection - Exclusion for 24 hours after the child has been on medication. •Pink Eye - *Clear eyes with no discharge is required for a child to re-enter the Centre. •Ringworm - *Medical certificate is required for a child to re-enter the Centre. Exclude until treatment has been initiated. •Scabies - *Medical certificate is required for a child to re-enter the Centre. Exclude until after treatment has been completed. •Strep Infection - Exclude until 24 hours of adequate and effective medication has been taken, provided that the medication is continued for 10 days. •Impetigo - *Medical certificate is required for a child to re-enter the Centre. Exclude until sores are completely scabbed over or for at least 24 hours following initiation of either: i) Appropriate oral antibiotic or ii) Topical therapy (Bactroban) (Mupirocin) if there are only small lesions If a child becomes ill at the Centre and the child care staff considers a child too ill to be exposed to other children, the child will be removed from the group and the parent(s) notified. The parents are expected to make arrangements to pick up their child within the hour. In the event we are unable to reach you, we will call the emergency contact to pick up your child. From time to time there may be additional health concerns that arise and your child might be asked to remain home as per health guidelines from the Renfrew County Health Unit. It is a licensed requirement that all children play outside, weather permitting. Your child should return to the Centre well enough to participate in outdoor activities. Children require sunscreen from May to September-the Centre provides Sunscreen Station in the front foyer for parents to apply sunscreen prior to dropping child off with their group in the morning. Staff at the Centre will reapply sunscreen in the afternoon. We also encourage all children to wear sunhats that protect their ears and shirts that protect their shoulders and arms. 

Renfrew County and District Health Unit
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