Air pressure experiment
Air pressure experiment
Program Statement
Admission and Discharge
Inclusion Policy
Integration Period
Hours of Service-Holidays
Arrival and Pick-Up
Fee Policy and Late Pick-Up Policy
Confidentiality Policy
Field Trip Policy
Parental Involvement
Health Policy
Administration of Medication
Prohibited Practices
Behaviour Code Policy
Suspected Child Abuse Policy
Serious Occurence Policy
Meals and Snacks
Anaphylaxic Policy
Smoking Policy
Alternate Place of Shelter
Clothing and Possessions
Toilet Training
Policy Regarding Placement of Students
Compliance With Policies Of The Centre
Director Designate

Compliance With Policies Of The Centre

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The above Policies and Procedures are put in place to make sure that your child’s day in our Centre runs smoothly, securely, and safely and is filled with appropriate learning experiences.

All individuals with interactions within the Child’s Paradise Day Care Centre are expected to be familiar with and adhere (at all times) to the Centres policies and procedures. Failure to do so may result in discipline or withdrawal of the child.