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Clothing and Possessions

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Due to our changing seasons, please ensure proper clothing for indoor and outdoor play. Please label all articles of your child's clothing. In case of an accident, we request a full change of clothes be brought to the Centre. Please return all "day care clothing" (emergency clothing we sometimes use for the children in the event that they do not have extra clothing) as soon as possible. Donations of such clothing are most appreciated.

Please be aware that the children will be playing with messy art and sensory materials which may soil clothing. Ensure that you send your child to the Centre in clothing which they are permitted to ‘play’ in.

For Toddlers in diapers, this means supplying a stack of diapers either at the beginning of the week (preferably) or enough for each day. Staff will let you know when your supply is low and will expect to have these replenished immediately.

For all seasons, an extra shirt, pair of pants, socks and underwear from home should be kept in child's cubby.

Indoor and outdoor shoes are needed at all times.

Additionally, please ensure your child has the following for: 

WINTER: Snowsuit, hat, scarf, 2 pair’s mittens, boots for outside.
SPRING/FALL: Rain boots, splash suit, sweater, 2 pair’s mittens.
SUMMER: Sunhat, rain boots, sandals/flipflops/crocs

To keep peace at the Centre, we ask that parents not send toys or other goodies with their children unless it is cleared by the staff first, with the exception of Show and Tell items. Items such as guns, knives, swords, or other weapon type apparatus or toys containing these items are NOT permitted at the Centre under any circumstances. The Centre is not responsible for broken or damaged possessions.