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Behaviour Code Policy

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It is natural for a child to feel angry in response to restrictions or interference. The child needs to know that he/she can assert themselves safely in our environment.

The following are the behavioural expectations of the children in our Centre:

  • To be responsible for what they say and do.
  • To be polite and respectful of other people.
  • To listen to other people when they speak.
  • To not say or do any action that is hurtful or harmful to others.
  • To treat people the way they would like to be treated.
  • To care about other peoples' feelings.
  • To tell the truth, even if there is a consequence to their behaviour.
  • To try to problem solve for themselves.
  • To ask the staff for help, if they are unable to solve the problem themselves.
  • To take good care of the Centre's toys, games and other supplies.
  • To take good care of someone else's toys, games and supplies.