Planting flowers May
Planting flowers May
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Admission and Discharge

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Parents/guardians agree to provide all registration forms containing legal documentation, information sheets, medical forms & immunization forms from the Health Unit to the Centre before the child begins.


ü  Movement to the next age group is available only if a space is open in that group.

ü  Should your child leave the Centre at your discretion, and subsequently return the re-entry date shall be the new registration date. In the event that your child is discharged due to insufficient spaces, you will be placed on a priority waiting list for re-entry into the Centre.

ü  In the year that a child reaches the age of 12 years (18 years in special circumstances that a child has a diagnosed special need and has not ‘outgrown’ the Program) the child will be discharged from the School Age program as of August 31st in that same year.

ü  When a child is withdrawn, two weeks written notice must be submitted to the Centre.