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Santa Clause Parade 2009 Pic1
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Administration of Medication

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In accordance with Legislation, all medication must be placed in a lockable container Each Program room has lockable medicine boxes on the counter and in the fridges. Should the medication be required in the evening, it is the parent's responsibility to take it home at the end of the day.

  • The Centre will administer medication when it is required during program hours.
  • A physician or parent letter must be provided.
  • Medication will be administered to a child only from the original container. The container must be clearly labeled with the child's name, name of medication, the dosage, the date of purchase, and instructions for storage and administration.
  • Parents must complete a signed ‘Medication Authorization Form’ 
  • If a child develops a fever of 102 °F or higher, the Centre will administer Tempra on the condition that permission is signed in the Registration Package or verbal permission is given by the parent, or if the parent is unavailable, the emergency contact person.