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We Value SAFETY by
·         making health & well-being of the children our #1 priority
·         controlling access to our facility to protect children and staff.
·         understanding that the laughter of children is essential to their growth
·         accepting children’s differences in an inclusive environment.
We Value RESPECT by
·         being considerate of others in our actions and words
·         having clear and consistent expectations 
·         working closely with local schools and organizations
·         having employees who care about making a difference in the lives of children.
·         having open and honest communications between parents, staff, and children
·         encouraging parents and teachers to share information to gain better understanding
·         ensuring all children and families are treated equally
·         knowing parents appreciate how much the teachers do
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Marcinda Pinsent, Operator, Child's Paradise Day Care Centre
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I would just like to say that I had an amazing experience at this daycare and the staff are absolutely amazing ! Me and my son will definitely miss you all, I am so grateful to have shared my first daycare experience with such a great daycare ! Thank you for being so understanding and patient with me , and also very flexible also ! You will all be missed !
Name: Rebecca
My one year old son doesn't yet have a lot of words to express his feelings, but how excited he gets each day we arrive at the centre speaks volumes! Knowing that my child is being cared for in such a safe and happy environment means so much to me, and I cannot thank the staff enough for the incredible care that they provide.
Name: Kieran's Mommy
My son had a great time at Child's Paradise this summer. It was his (and my) first experience with child care and what a great experience it was! The staff are so friendly and the entire facility is ultra clean...exactly the type of place you would want your child to be!
Name: Kathy B.
My child Dusty loves the Paradise Daycare. He has learned so much since has been there. He says alot more words. The teahers there are so patient and loving with the children. They are also helpful if the parents have any questions about thier child or the program itself.
Name: Melinda Richard
A testament to the staff at Child's Paradise is that my 3 year old daughter can't wait to get there in the mornings. Fantastic staff who have gone out of their way to make sure my daughter is happy, safe and having fun.
Name: Anita
I am thrilled that I was able to get my daughter into this Centre! I have been waiting a long time for a place like this to open in Renfrew! Thanks everyone...she loves going to 'school' and playing with her new friends!
Name: Sarah's Dad
Great Daycare, staff is amazing. Keep up the good work guys!!!
Name: Sandy
I have recently visited this daycare and found it to be bright and beautiful! The Director and staff were very welcoming and friendly to me and my kids. The kids that were there were obviously happy to be there and were all having fun with lots of different things to do.
Name: G&L Pellow
What a great addition to Renfrew! The facility is amazing, the staff are all well qualified and caring. Healthy meals and snacks are provided. Our daughter loves all the different play areas, both inside and out. Thanks for providing such a warm and fun learning environment!
Name: Paul and Meredith Brabant