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Child's Paradise Day Care Centre Parent Handbook Meals and Snacks
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Good nutrition is essential for the healthy growth and development of children. This is an important part of our Program.

All menus are prepared according to the Canada Food Guide. Toddlers to School-Aged children are provided with two snacks and a hot lunch. The food is prepared on-site by a staff member certified in Safe Food Handling. The menus are posted at the front White Board. Children are encouraged to try everything that is served at each meal and may have several servings (up to the recommended serving size for their age/size) if they wish. If the children do not want to try lunch, the staff will respect their wishes. Mealtime is made as pleasant an experience as possible for the children. The pace is leisurely and the children can take their time to enjoy their food. Special arrangements for religious or medical reasons can be discussed with the Director. Parents should inform the Director/Supervisor of any permanent or temporary food allergies or restrictions.

With the exception of Holidays, ‘junk’ food will not be served, desserts are instead nutritious fruits. Parents are asked NOT to send in candy, sweets, gum, potato chips or unhealthy snacks with their children.