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Licensed Childcare In Renfrew County: So many choices! article

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Article on pages 24-25, written by R. Bruce McIntyre, County of Renfrew Media Relations Coordinator

"Licensed Childcare In Renfrew County: So many choices!"

What is the most valuable asset a parent possesses? Is it your house? Is it your vehicle? For many parents, the answer comes without a thought. Their child is the most important thing in their life....

...But what if a working parent just cannot afford to place their child in a licensed day care centre? As Ms. Mulvihill (County of Renfrew Manager of Childcare Services) points out, there are a number of subsidized spaces available to help parents make it affordable. "The Fee Subsidy program is available to all families living in the County of Renfrew. Child Care Services manages the wait list for Fee Subsidy and employs two Child Care Eligible Coordinators to review applications and administer the program. Fee Subsidy provides full or partial payment of a child's child care fees on a sliding scale dependant on the needs of the family applying for the fee subsidy. These payments are advanced to the child care agency and reconciled on a monthly basis."...

...As Ms. Mulvihill points out, "for all parents to have peace of mind that their child is safe,secure and happy when not in their care is vital, and our motto is"Making the County of Renfrew the Best Place to Raise a Child." And for Ms. Mulvihill and the numerous dedicated daycare staff throughout the county, they intend to do just that!