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Warm and Nurturing

Our goal is to provide a high quality, nurturing and safe learning environment for the children to develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. The individuality of each child is respected and encouraged.

Child’s Paradise welcomes children between the ages of 12 months and 12 years of any race, color, nationality and ethnic origin. We value diversity.
We believe that children need to be aware of the world around them and how to take care of the environment at a young age.
In our activities, we reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible. We appreciate the combined efforts of the parents in acquiring reusable art supplies (such as shoe boxes, Kleenex boxes, and paper rolls). We focus on teaching the children how to respect themselves, and others, as well as the environment.  

Child’s Paradise Day Care is dedicated to providing outstanding childcare services. We aim to provide a bright and fun place for children to learn and grow. The childcare environment is clean, comfortable and secure. The staff offers warm and consistent care to teach and nurture the children in a loving, respecting manner.

Parents are the most important teachers and caregivers of their children and their views are respected and valued. Children benefit from the open communication, cooperation and support between parents and staff.

We meet the needs of the parents and children and enrich each child’s emotional well-being and cognitive stimulation through our daily routines, physical care, activities and interactions.

Staff accept all children of all ages and abilities and focus on each child's individual abilities and successes. All children are treated with respect and dignity and are allowed the freedom to grow at their own rates. Staff members support children in their learning process and develop program plans in which care and education are combined. They support individual ways children learn by planning activities that nurture their curiosity, support and increase their abilities, and help the children find creative solutions to problems.

We, at Child’s Paradise Day Care Centre, believe that structure is needed in children's lives, but that they also need to have some freedom and a reasonable amount of control over their lives. Children will be encouraged to make choices and decisions whenever possible.

Our job, as caregivers, is to provide the children with the experiences and environment in which they are safe to explore and create; knowing that they will be successful by being themselves.

We promote happy, healthy, well-adjusted children that feel good about themselves, and parents that know that we care for and accept their children for themselves.

Parent Involvement
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